About who we are

Cacai is a lot of fun. A Communication Graduate, she has an MBA in Marketing and has studied graphic design in both Brazil and the US. In business since 1996, she has worked with companies in many countries and is a multicultural mix of creation, production and solutions.

Clarissa Medeiros

CEO and Founder

As Content Marketing Consultant, Leslie oversees internal and external writing and content development, editing with an eye for detail and a passion for clear communication. Along with experience in management, marketing and communication, Leslie has an MS in Information Design and Communication.

Leslie Hankey

Content Marketing Consultant

Alex has a degree in Law but is really great in sales. His sales experience gained in over 15 years in multinational companies makes him ideal for bringing in new opportunities for the day to day activities of KKI. Our New Business Director never fails to catch a wave, whether surfing on a board or on the internet.

Alex Costa

Financial Director

Big Tulio is a journalist who studied Marketing Planning at ESPM School, Sao Paulo. Creativity runs rampant in this boy’s veins! He loves to have fun and tell jokes. He defines himself as a marketing planner who is creative and a creative who plans.

Túlio Dantas

Planning Director