Color Palette

Know your colors by the HEX.

Color is very important in branding and marketing because it is where first impressions of customers are based. Also, it is the secret in producing a good identity for a company. They are more than just a visual aid, colors convey emotions, feelings and experiences. How do you feel when you look at Coca-Cola and it’s red environment?

Business owners should know what message they want to send to the public given the kind of business they have, in that case, the message could be matched to an appropriate color shade. From there, the Brand’s color palette is picked.

It is also important for business owners to know their target market and to whom they offer their services or products so that the color will also be appropriate to the kind of encouragement needed for the target customers. Is you are selling cleaning products, it won’t really fit having a brown/dusty scheme of colors, right?

Also, you brand palette should lead your mood board. So don’t be to opened or too restrictive. We usually suggest having between 4 and 6 color on your palette.

Another important point when talking about your color palette, is having consistency. The consistency in the color scheme of a brand strengthens its identity in the market. It also helps the brand to stand out and rise against the tight competition in the industry. Further, consistency also gains the trust, loyalty and familiarity of customers.

To build your color palette, or approve one done for you, start with an image and a color you love. You should always have something in mind, and build around it.

Understanding a little bit of color theory can help too. Also, checking how the colors behave on bright and dark background is also a good tip.

Here are some color meanings:

Positive Color Associations

  • Red: Love, urgency, youth
  • Orange: Energy, ambition, enthusiasm
  • Yellow: Cheer, joy, energy
  • Green: Growth, nature, luck
  • Blue: Peace, trust, security
  • Purple: Wisdom, respect, wealth

Negative Color Associations

  • Red: Warning, war, annoyance
  • Orange: Anxiety, aggressiveness, nervousness
  • Yellow: Insecurity, distraction, panic
  • Green: Envy, apprehension, uncertain
  • Blue: Grief, remorse, dispassion
  • Purple: Boredom, loathing, disgust


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